COLD PRESSED: Our Exclusive Signature Technique.

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less hair

more hair

Cold Pressed Strands - average thicken



Cold Pressed Strands - average lengthen

(10 strands free if full-set)


$1000 (-10%)

Absolutely Best Human Hair

Real baby Russian hair (blondes) Virgin Indian (Darks)



Looking for best hair extensions?

No heat, no mess, no twisting

Cold Pressed are the world's most advanced system of hair extensions allowing technician to work cleaner and neater without heat. Each strand is folded (not twisted) around hair for maximum protection from breakage.

Extension sets last 4-6 months. 30% longer than traditional heat keratin fusion sets without the tangles and sticky mess.


Other Techniques

Easy Weft








Custom Clip-ins




Top Hair Pieces



Removal & Maintenance

Easy Weft Maintenance



Tape-in Maintenance



Extension Removal



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Clip-ins - Remy Human Hair Full-Sets 7-pc


Hair Wefts - Virgin Remy Indian Temple (100g) Straight, Wavy, Curly 13"-29"


Hair Wefts - Double Drawn Russian (60g) 20"-22"


Hair Wefts - Double Drawn Russian (120g) 20"-22"


Hair Wefts - Bohyme Brand (110g) 14"-22"


Tape-ins - Virgin Russian (20 pcs.) 20"-22"


Keratin Tips - Pure Russian/Slavic


I-Tips - Mongolian Hair (25 pcs.)


Pony Tails - Custom made Virgin Russian Hair


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To secure appointments we require a $100 security deposit. A minimum 24 hour notice is required to cancel appt.

No Refunds for products or services.


Rated #1 Quality Hair Extensions in Miami 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.



Cold Pressed Strands hair extensions are the most popular service and for good reason – you can wear your hair back into ponytails, swim, play and go out without anyone being able to tell you are wearing hair extensions!  The entire process is 100% natural and done without heat.  Extension King uses a revolutionary “Cold Fusion” technique, modulating each individual keratin protein bond around your hair.  When applying and removing properly no damage will occur to your natural hair – We guarantee a damage free process!  The hair used is 100% Remy Human Hair of the finest quality.  Amount of hair required varies and a quick consultation is required.  For thickening it takes 25-50 strands of extensions.  For lengthening it takes 75 -150 strands of extensions.  These extensions last 4 – 6 months without any maintenance. Over time they also become the most affordable technique since they last so long and without the need of making additional salon appointments. All hair colors are lengths of hair extensions are kept in stock – Most cases you can have Same Day Hair Extensions!



Easy Weft is a truly unique method to Extension King – These extensions are fast and much less bulky than traditional sew-ins. Gives the hair a extra full look.  Easy wefts are attached to your hair via a silicon tube that is hand sewn together with our King double wefts.  Needs to be re-adjusted every two and half months.


Tape-ins are placed in the hair via an adhesive strip and can be re-appiled up to three times.  These are great for clients who are looking for something fast n’ affordable and don’t mind going back to salon for regular maintenance.


Custom Clip-ins provide fabulous hair extensions quality and extra hold clips not found in factory made extensions.  All King custom made clip-ins are hand made with double stitching, to ensure zero shedding.  Our clients can choose from a range of colors to have the these match their own hair perfectly.


Top Hair Pieces add fullness and thickness to fine, limp hair.  For covering thin hair and scalp.  The perfect hair accessory made to go where extensions cannot – on top!  Can be worn with hair extensions or just by itself.  100% human hair.  Safe and secure, easy to take on and off clip on system with hand tied micro mesh base for a comfortable, ventilated fit. So lightweight you will forget you’re wearing it!  Wash and style like you would your own hair.  Blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons may be used to create your unique look and style.

Universal Size – Fits anyone with fine, limp hair. Naturally come with long layers.  Bangs and shorter lengths can be custom cut to suit any hairstyle.




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Extension King is a world leader in selling hair extensions.  Many top hair salons buy hair extensions from us.  We also sell our hair extensions to the general public.  To view products click on “shop” bottom of page.  We offer remy human hair:


Pure Russian/Slavic hair extensions

Brazilian hair extensions

Indian hair extensions

Mongolian hair extensions


Hair extension types include:

Weft hair extensions

Keratin hair extensions

Tape hair extensions

I-Tip hair extensions










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