Q? Which service is right for me??



Q? What are the best hair extensions?

A. The best hair extensions should always blend perfectly to you own natural hair, grow out without tangling and the wearer should not be able to see nor feel them.

At Extension King we guarantee these results with either our invisible tape-in method or strand by strand method of extensions. In fact, even if the wearer wants to pull their hair back or up the extensions will remain completely invisible. It’s all the way we put our extensions in and the method of attachment.

Many people want to believe it’s only the quality of hair that matters but in reality it’s the quality and method of attachment that counts the most. Of course, quality of hair is important and we use the best available human hair in the market.



Q? How much do extensions cost?

A. Depending on which method and amount of hair used will determine the price of the hair extensions. Prices will always include the total amount for the hair and application cost. We do not sell bulk hair to the public because extensions always need to be applied and removed by an extension specialist.

Generally speaking, we give first time client discounts to all of our new customers. Generally, for a full head of invisible tape-ins its $700, strand by strand it’s about $1000 and micro-weft is $550. Comparably speaking, for the same type of extensions other salons are charging more and do not carry the hair in stock like Extension King. As with other businesses that specialize, we are able to give our customers a better price and higher quality of work than other salons.

For temporary use, clip-in hair extensions are very affordable and run $59 to $100. If you don’t find the clip-in you are looking for we can custom make you a set of the best quality for around $200.

A word of advice from EK is to never go cheap with your hair and especially when dealing with hair extensions. It can cost you much more in the long run and you regret not looking your best.



Q? How long do the extensions last and removal?

A.The strand by strand method last the longest by flawlessly growing out with your own natural hair. Since the bonds are tiny (less than an 1/8” in width) you can wait 4 to 6 months before removing them. A lot depends on how much you wash your hair and how you take care of them.

The invisible tape-in hair will last 6 to 8 months but you will need to come in for the maintenance adjustments every 2 months.

The micro-links maintenance is every 6 wks and the hair last about 6 months.

Clip-ins varies widely depending on how much you wear them but normal wear is around one year.

The removal of full head strand by strand extensions generally takes 60 to 90 minutes and cost $75 an hour. A mild gel is applied to the bonds to let soak a few minutes. Then we take a special tool to break the bonds up allowing the extension hair to gently slide off leaving no breakage or damage to your own hair.

To remove invisible tape-ins we apply a special adhesive remover to let soak for 10 minutes. Then we gently remove the tapes away from the hair it was attached to. After, we apply a special wash to remove any further residue, rinse, blow dry and re-apply the tape-ins. Maintenance adjustments are $250. Since, we have a special way applying our tapes you want have to worry about any falling out, unlike the others.



Q? Do you have any new specials?

A. We have first time client specials. For strand by strand full sets we take off $100 and $50 for full sets of tape-ins. Sometimes we can do more depending on the amount of the service and how many services you want to combine. Please mention that you are a first time client looking to try us out and we can typically give you 20% off your first visit if you are a local to Miami. Just remember to tell your friends about us after we have you looking your best.



Q? What is a keratin treatment?

A. Keratin treatments are made to make you hair more manageable and frizz free. Naturally your hair is made of keratin and the treatment is designed to replenish what your hair is naturally lacking. The quality of service depends highly on the quality of keratin use and the proper application technique.

A great quality keratin treatment will not make you hair stick straight but rather give your hair versatility so you can wear it how ever you like. Also, if you stop doing the keratin your hair should go back to its natural state; not to be left dry and brittle.

We use the highest quality keratin treatment called The Brazilian Blowout. It will last you 3 months or more depending on how much you wash and the best thing is you don’t have to wait the three days to wash your hair like the others. There’s very little odor and the entire process takes only 90 minutes!



Q? What makes you hair color so much better?

A. It has no Ammonia, no odor and it makes your hair healthier. No other permanent color can do this. You’ll see the difference in just one application. We use the latest and best from Loreal called Inoa and Inoa Supreme. Supreme cover greys 100% perfectly, without the drabby box color look other colors offer.

You’ll see a more natural looking, healthier head of hair than you have ever had before. It’s because of the ODS technology in Inoa. Unlike traditional hair colors that are water based; Inoa has an oil delivery system that allows the hair color to slip into the hair shaft easier. Therefore, this ensures a no fade out color that treats and colors your hair at the same time. We can effectively eliminate most frizzy dry hair with just a few color applications. Trust us this is the hair color of the future and you will be happy with the results.



Q? What does the process entail?

A.Typically, we start all hair extensions clients off with a brief questionnaire and a consultation. After consulting, we then color match the extensions to your hair perfectly. We generally, don’t like to color the extension hair and usually pick the exact colors we need right out of the store hair stock, so you want have to wait for the hair to be ordered.

Usually, since we don’t have to wait for the hair to arrive we can have your extensions booked within a day or two or in some rush cases the same day. It takes us an hour or two to prepare and customize the extensions for application.

Once, we begin the shampoo it will take 4-6 hours for strand by strand full sets and 2 hrs for tape-in full sets.

The first step, is to shampoo any residue out of the hair three times. Then we will proceed to the blow drying and flat ironing your hair straight. Thirdly, we will begin the extension application. After, extensions are placed we will do a very specialized dry cut to blend your extensions seamlessly into you hair. After, we will style as desired. All strand by strand full sets get a free loop brush and full tapes-in get a dry shampoo. Along with brushes and shampoo clients get free wine, drinks and snacks. Also, we teach you how to brush and maintain your extensions for maximum life and wearability.



Q? Parking and Location

A. There’s no need to worry about parking when you arrive for your appointment at Extension King. We have free parking right in the front of the Salon! No time limit so its hassle free; unheard of in South Beach. The Salon is easy to get to right off Alton Rd. and 9th St. You will see a white and light blue shopping center to the right if your going North on Alton and to the left if you are going South on Alton. Just look towards the back and you’ll see our big red sign.

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